About Us

Dante Art & Décor was established several years ago as a gallery that supplied paintings and artwork directly to customers. This was done by having exhibitions in people's homes and by word of mouth. After several years of growth, the original owners then decided to establish a permanent presence and subsequently leased premises in the newly completed Waterstone Village Shopping Centre.

The premises at Waterstone Shopping Centre allowed for the gallery to permanently display paintings and artworks for sale. The gallery then expanded into offering unique, handmade pottery and décor items as well as paintings and artworks.

The original owners then sold the busines to Gaye and Ian Smit, who took over the gallery in January 2020.

Today, the gallery has grown in the unique and quaint place that allows customers to come in and browse paintings, pottery and artworks by Southern African artists. The gallery represents many of the well-known South African artists and also represents and supports up and coming local artists.

The gallery is a place we like to call home and we welcome you all to come in and browse our paintings and artworks should you be in the area. For those not fortunate enough to be in the area, we invite you to browse our website and view the paintings we have online.